The incubator application process is over and we are in the process of selecting the winners. Stay tuned for the next call in April 2013.

Before you fill in the application form, we would like to make a couple of things crystal clear to avoid any future misunderstandings.

You can download a .pdf version of this disclaimer here.

As stated earlier, W+K will not offer successful applicants any financial support whatsoever.

Here's what you and your team will get: a desk, 4 chairs, an internet connection, one phone, unlimited coffee, water and expert guidance. That's it.

Why only 4 chairs ?

Because we are focussed on small, highly motivated and super agile teams. Less than 4 people is okay as well, but definitely not more.

Apart from these little perks, the true value of being part of the incubator experiment is the mentoring, which will happen at all stages of product conceptualisation and development.

The incubation period for each selected product is 4 months. In certain cases, there is a possibility that we can extend this. This time will pass in an instant, so we expect applicants to put everything else on the back-burner during this period.

Closer to the final weeks of your incubator tenure there are likely to be opportunities to network with angel investors, venture capitalists, etc., but there are no guarantees – it depends hugely on various other factors like market sentiment, investor moods and global trends. The incubator is not a guaranteed way to hit the news. We will do our best, but there are factors beyond our control which will shape the perception of your product.

Is W+K only looking at technologists to apply?

Not at all. Technology does not need to be your core competency to apply. We are looking primarily at ideas and only ideas with some pragmatic business thinking thrown in. But we do expect applicants to utilise available media-technology as a key component of their product and its promotion.

How much time will W+K take to go through the applications?

It depends. At least 3 weeks, for sure. Maybe More. Once your applications are successfully submitted we will write back to you and give you a contact number to call in case you get anxious :)

If we really believe in your idea/product, and if you feel the same way about W+K, we will be happy to discuss a deeper relationship (i.e. taking a stake in your business).

Of course, we will inform you way in advance, and you – obviously – have the right to refuse. This condition is valid only for select cases where we truly believe in a product and see long term value in a deeper association.

This application is open to everyone regardless of nationality. If your application is successful, you will have to relocate to New Delhi(or buy a supersonic jet) at your own expense in order to be part of the incubator experiment.

There is an age limit of 30 years. But if you're older than that and think you have what it takes, go ahead and apply, we love to break our own rules.

If these conditions seem okay to you, please click here.

For any urgent query you could contact us at delhi.incubator[at]wk.com